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The Empty Tomb of Christ, for he has risen!













 Large Sterling Silver Pendant  Small Sterling Silver Pendant

The Empty Tomb Witnessing Pendants tells the whole story of what we believe. That Christ died on the cross, that He was buried, and on the third day the stone was rolled away. (I Corinthians 15:4). Jesus walked out of the tomb. Our hope lies in the fact that we serve a risen savior. Mark 16:6. It's a circle because God is a never ending circle of love and someday He will be coming through the eastern sky to take us home.  (Matthew 24:27). 

A brief description of the chain styles available can be found here.
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Key Attributes

bulletOpens the door to witness(ing). 
bulletLeaves no doubt what you believe.
bulletA gentle reminder to us as to who we live for and how we should be acting.
bulletGender neutral

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Large 14 Carat Gold Pendant   Small 14 Carat Gold Pendant 

(The large Tomb is approx 26mm or 1inch, the small Tomb is 14mm or .55 inch)

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